Truth About the Beatles' Girls

Driving From Kinfauns to Kenwood

Late March 1965 - Henry Grossman shot this from the backseat of George’s Mini Cooper as he sat behind George and Pattie riding from Kinfauns to Kenwood for the photo shoot with the Lennon’s.

Henry Grossman wrote in his book, Places I Remember - My Time With The Beatles:

"George was also eager to show me his cars. They were obviously a passion of his. He was very proud of his sleek white Aston Martin DB5, and I snapped several photos of him posing beside it. Inside the garage was a little Mini Cooper. I remember it had smoked windows for privacy. When the time came for us to drive to John’s house, George chose the Mini, which, at my height, was a bit awkward for me. I had trouble fitting inside. While I was sitting there, shoe-horned into the tiny backseat, I looked up and saw George’s eyes reflected in the mirror. I quickly shot a picture, and I love the fact that even though only his eyes and nose are visible, it is still very recognizably George.”

Second photo shows George sitting in the Mini Cooper inside the garage at Kinfauns before the drive to Kenwood.

Scans from the Rock Paper Photo. website.

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