Truth About the Beatles' Girls

Newlyweds Ringo and Maureen posing in their room at the Edelweiss Hotel in Obertauern, Austria for Henry Grossman. March 1965.

"Maureen is my home"

When Ringo had to leave behind his bride of only eleven days, while he flew with the Beatles to the Bahamas for location shooting on their new film, he found himself deeply missing Maureen:

"We had been told to travel light. Leave wives and girlfriends at home. We let ourselves be talked into it, and as a result I spent two of the loneliest weeks of my life in the lush paradise of the Bahamas. Well, when we discussed going on to Austria with a brief stop-over in London, I told Walter Shenson, our producer, I was ready for a fight. ‘I’m not going alone.’ So he said, and it sounded almost too simple to be true, ‘By all means, take Maureen along.’ As a result Cynthia Lennon came along too, and so did George’s Pattie. Jane Asher, Paul’s girlfriend was busy and had to stay behind. But the other three girls took off happily to keep us company. You didn’t have to tell Maureen twice. I remember that when we got to Obertauern in the Austrian Alps, and unpacked in our room at the hotel, it didn’t feel like being in a strange place at all. It was almost like coming home - yet I had never been there before. Suddenly I knew. This was simply because I had brought home with me. Maureen was my home, and my home was Maureen, and this made all the difference in the world between feeling like a lost stranger and a man in his own castle."
— interview source unknown - Quote provided and posted by Sentimentalist at her original Little Willow website.
"The time is approaching when I’ll have a dozen good reasons why I won’t leave my house to go on a tour. I’m in love with home. I had to take Maureen with me to Obertauern because this was the only way for home to come along. Maureen is my home. I can’t see how I’ll ever go on trips without her. And frankly, I’m sick and tired of these travels. I want to stay at home… I am happy. And now that I’m going to have a family of my own I’ll buy a house and we’ll settle down. It’s going to be an anchor.”
— from an interview by Henry Gris in Obertauern, March 1965 - provided and shared by Sentimentalist.
Maureen had quickly become an indispensable emotional support for her husband. Ringo said in an interview with Radio Luxembourg Record Stars in 1965 that:
Maureen) "…knows the moment I face her what’s wrong and what to do about it, and I’m happy again in a minute."
— Brief quote published in the book, Ringo Starr - Straight Man or Joker, by Alan Clayson (page 78).
Source of scans is the Maureen Starr Tribute group at Yahoo! and this blog. Photographs by Henry Grossman from his book, Places I Remember - My Time With the Beatles, 2012. 
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